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-Limited edition 500 pieces -

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The White collection is the first resin kit released by Novac Dawn Studio and it contains 3 characters. We wanted to explore the primal evil that very first thing that we think of when we are talking or thinking off demons, gods and sorceresses.

About Us

Creating great story's and characters is the reason why Novac Dawn  Studio was created. 

Novac Dawn Studio is based in Cluj Napoca, Transilvania, Romania. We specialize in producing hand poured, high quality, resin miniatures and resin kits for collecting, painting, and war-gaming. We always use the highest quality materials and methods available to us, and never stop in our drive to improve. Our team strives each and everyday to bring unique concepts to the page and then to three dimensional life.

We love what we do, and it shows in the quality of our products.

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