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- Vilmanté - The Winged Terror

Here is our December characters that will be available for all of our Tribers & Patreon,

this month! Vilmanté - The Winged Terror

"A thread of lightning trails across the sky, turning the bellies of dark storm clouds pale. Through the smoke and the vapor a figure appears, a striking silhouette of dark wings and white skin. The people know Vilmanté and they cower underneath her as if she casts the shadow of death itself. She flaps her wings only once before diving through the air. She seems to have no face–only a mask that resembles a vulture’s snapping beak. She descends towards her quarry wielding a deadly scythe, prepared to drive it through his stomach and hoist him into the air. She opens her mouth at the same time to unleash a battle cry, and the shrill sound rattles the very earth. "

Available here:

What you will get:

Scale: 32mm

x 1 Character

x 1 Ground

x 2 Custom Bases 50 mm

x 1 DnD 5e Stats Block

We really hope you will like hear :) Let Us know your thoughts !

Many Thanks for your SUPPORT !

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