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Red Riding Hood


The leader of the Red Hoods, Katarine is the best when it comes to thinking on her feet. She is as dangerous as she is clever and cuts down her enemies with the ferocity of a vengeful spirit. She has enough grace about her that blending in with society in order to take someone down comes naturally. She has a deep affection for all her other ‘sisters’ that are in her care, and will go through any lengths to protect them.

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    The models are created with the newest technology called SEOCast, bringing you exquisite miniatures for painting and gaming.  SEOResin is the material used in this new production process, which makes the miniatures a little bit flexible/durable and resistant to shock. Also in case of shock the paint dose not chip due to the flexible material.



Base Size


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1 model

50 mm

32 mm

Models are unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+

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