Prime Evil Resin Kit Set

-Limited edition 500 pieces each -

     Prime Evil collection is the first of a resin kit series released by Novac Dawn Studio and it contains three characters which are carefully made and managed, to ensure that every piece presents a unique part of our vision.

     The creation process was not an easy job, everything takes time, effort and experience to create a character from design to digital sculpture and a final product that everyone can enjoy.

      We want to explore the raw evil, that very first thing that we think of when we are talking or thinking of demons, gods and sorceress.

Extremely powerful and unpredictable, he commands the elements around him bringing chaos and bloodshed all over. Nobody knows, his origin, only his look can give us a hint of how old he is, from the pale  translucent skin on his body to the dark bones embedded with all types of metal shining through the tips of what was once living. Yet no record of him has describes him the same way !

Original Cast Color

Our Painted Version

(showcase only)

Next character from the set is coming soon!

Updates will be added to Instagram and Facebook ! So stay close for more information on the release date !