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Our passion for storytelling and character creation is the foundation of

Novac Dawn Miniatures. 


        Novac Dawn Studio is based in Transylvania, Romania.  Our passion for creating great stories and characters are the stones that built Novac Dawn Miniatures.

         Transitioning from digital to physical, the characters that we are developing end up cast in resin either as miniature models or figurines. We are always building towards a strong complex universe.

          With a cumulated 20+ years of experience from AAA games, Trailers, Miniatures, Board games, we are rapidly adapting to new technology and shaping it towards our vision for Novac Dawn Studio.

             Starting from scratch was no easy task and  a more difficult climb then expected but step by step we have overcome all difficulties. We are now proud to be able to present our models as part of the Untamed  World .

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