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  • How can I buy your products ?
    All our product are avalable to buy on Creatures Caster Online Store. Link Make sure to select the correct region.
  • What paints should i use to paint my miniatures ?
    We prefer using the Citadel primers and paints they have a great variation and we are used to them. But it comes down to your preference and budget. Most people these days use acrylics to paint miniatures. They're easy to use and easy to clean up (water versus caustic thinners). You can use anything from hobby acrylics (Apple barrel, Dreamcoat, etc. to paints specifically designed for miniature painting (Reaper, Vallejo, P3, Citadel, etc.)
  • Are there going to be more to the stories ?
    Yes, We are working hard to prepare a full Codex were the Main storie is going to be !
  • How do I unsubscribe from Novac Dawn Studio News?
    We try not to spam our subscribers ! But you can unscribe buy cliking the unsubscribe the button at the butom of the news feed in your last mail from us. Sorry to see you leave !
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