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Catriona, The Merrymaker

Hi guys! Since April rings such a fresh breeze of spring, we celebrate it with our beautiful new hero: 🌸 Catriona, The Merrymaker 🌸

"Firelight plays off her sun-reddened cheeks and her bountiful curls as Catriona tunes her lyre by the inn’s hearth. The sailors gather ‘round her, already trying to guess what she might play, some already singing their favorites off-tune in hopes that she will join in. And even though she smiles, and plucks her strings accordingly, she casts her eyes around the room—hoping to catch a glimpse of who she is really here to charm. The noble figure draped in jewels that is seated in the corner regards her work with curiosity, and she casts him a smile, hoping to lure him closer. The anxiety in her chest eases when he steps nearer to the hearth, and she strums the silver strings, ready to give her best performance—and cast her strongest spell."

Available here:

What you will get:

Scale: 32mm and 75mm

x 1 Character

x 1 Ground, size 25mm

x 2 Custom Bases, size 25mm

x 1 DnD 5e Character Sheet

Bring beauty and joy to your next game with Catriona!

Thank you all for your support!

Cheers & enjoy!

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