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Isildyon - Slayer of Monsters

Hey guys! After a long series of monsters and terrors, we start the first month of spring with our first Hero: meet Ithe Knight Isildyon, The Slayer of Monsters!

"Through the marshes he walks, the flickering orange torch a sign of hope for the watchers who anticipate his arrival. Isildyon the brave, the strong, the slayer of monsters and the last hope for many. His armor, bearing the heavy dents of many battles and deep scratches from many talons, is still polished to a shine. He is adorned with the signs and symbols bestowed upon him by holy paladins, who claim it all necessary to keep evil at bay. Whether Isildyon believes in evil at all is another matter altogether. He seems to only believe in what his sword can strike down. With long brown hair and dark, serious eyes set in a handsome face—he is the hero they need and adore."

Available here:

This product contains:

Scale: 32mm

x 1 Character

x 1 Ground, size 25mm

x 2 Custom Bases, size 25mm

x 1 DnD 5e Character Sheet

Get ready to battle the monsters with the brave Isildyon!

We are grateful for your support!

Cheers & enjoy!

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