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Partnering Up

Creature Caster and Novac Dawn Studio

Creature Caster and Novac Dawn Studio are Partnering Up !

We are Exited to announce our official partnership!

A world leading miniature production company, Creature Caster has been creating some of the most detailed miniatures on the market. The passion and the creativity of everyone at Creature Caster makes sure that each and every miniature will show their love for what they are adding to the table.

Pushing our creative and the production capability, together we are bringing a brand new world to resin miniatures for collecting, painting and wargaming. Bringing a more durable, flexible and more detailed miniature than ever to your hands!

A new universe, a new story, a new beginning for creatures, heroes and monsters.

Novac Dawn is based in Transylvania , Romania and was founded in 2019 with the passion to produce and create story driven figurines and miniatures in a new and cohesive universe.

Every character that we are creating has a backstory and all his accessories have a purpose. From here to creating origin stories and expanding to a full fantasy universe was a small step that we felt will outline all our models.

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