Creature Caster a world renowned miniature production company is expanding their miniatures universe by Partnering up with us. Together, we will bring to you a fantastic new world of miniature sets at a 32mm scale.

A new universe full off creatures, heroes and monsters.

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The Wolves
Origin Story

It was not a normal wolf; I knew that in an instant. It turned my blood cold just to hear it, turning my skin into gooseflesh. The hairs stood up on the back of my neck and I looked over my shoulder in time to hear it again. It sounded wretched – full of anger and vicious hunger. It was an aching, tormented sound. And just as their howl was carried away by the window, one by one I could see their eyes. ...

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 Reimagining of original storiesfairytales, myths and legends. 
The Wolves
Available Now

32mm scale

The Wolf and The Pack

Containing all 6  miniatures and one exclusive base for the leader of the pack.

The Pack

Containing the 5 wolves model pack.

The Wolf

 Leader of the pack.

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