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Once upon a time, in a realm where the winds whispered secrets and the forests danced with untamed energy, there existed the Untamed Lands. Here, the very essence of magic thrived, weaving through every blade of grass, every rustle of leaves, and every whispered promise in the breeze. It is a world untouched by the constraints of ordinary reality, where imagination runs wild and fairy tales take on a new life.

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Red Riding Hood Illustration
Fairy Tales

        Where long shadows fall from tall mountain peaks, villagers live in fear of the monsters who prowl the dark forests. Bells ring in the towers of their chapels. Torches crackle and blaze in the hands of sentries who tirelessly keep watch. Men sharpen the edges on their blades while women keep their children close to their skirts and pray. Nothing stops the horrors. Nothing can save them from falling prey to the beasts whose chilling howls can turn men’s stomachs with fear. The Red Hoods are hunting the monsters, but their numbers are wretchedly few. In a brutal, unforgiving world where heroes are hard to come by, is there any hope of victory?

Enter the realm…and dare to find out!

Upcoming Story, Concepts and Miniatures.

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