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Gorbog & The Snotlings

February begins with our latest models: Gorbog & The Snotlings, creatures of the bog.

"Water sloshes and swirls in putrid swells while mud sucks and squelches underneath thunderous strides. The troll has a name, though it is superstitiously never uttered for fear that he might appear. He carries with him a hunger that can only be satiated through mouthfuls of torn flesh. Around his feet scrabble mucky creatures resembling goblins, but with no thoughts of their own other than to feed. They will catch the bones he drops and suck the marrow from the centers. Waste not, want not, in the darkness of the bog." 

Available here:

What you will get:

Scale: 32mm

x 3 Character

x 1 Ground, size 50mm 

x 2 Ground, size 25mm

x 2 Custom Bases, size 50 mm & 25mm

x 1 DnD 5e Stats Block

Enjoy & let us know what you think about them!

Many Thanks for your SUPPORT!

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