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Halloween is nearly here and we have been preparing for a terrifying nightmare !

"At the edge of the field, the farmer sets down his sickle. The blade rests at his feet and he leans against the pole, exhausted. He knows better than to toil so late on the night of All Hallow’s, but he has a family to feed. The dry stalks rustle, and he looks up. Fear constricts his lungs, but he has no time to scream as a hand made of gnarled roots snakes out from the dead field. The roots sink into his flesh and curl around his heart, tearing it out faster than his body can fall. Tokdyn emerges from the field and tosses the still-pulsing muscle down to his children. Hazik and Pompo fall on it, tearing at the flesh with their needle-like teeth. The moon is full, and All Hallow’s has begun. "

Working on these characters we gor more and more exited so we made a full illustration for them and with it a poster that all of you that are exited about the "RedMoon" can celebrate!

The poster will be available exclusivy on Patreon and Available for all our members!

Available here:

Also be on a look out for our 48 SALE on MyMiniFactory ! We are giving 30% OFF for this Halloween! So stay on a lookout !

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