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Rowlgonnoth - The Deepsea Horror

May comes with a monstrous surprise for all of you! Check out our freshly released giant sea serpent: Rowlgonnoth - The Deepsea Horror 🔥

"Through the water it glides, silent and dark. It is an expert navigator of the stormiest seas, unbothered by the waves that churn above its head as it seeks out its prey. Its name means “the ship follower”, as it stalks titan barges that it can break apart with its massive jaws. Sailors begin to pray at the very sight of those obsidian fins as large as sails. For some, the last thing they will ever see are eyes as bright as twin moons before darkness eclipses their world."

Available here:

This product contains:

Scale: 32mm

x 1 Character

x 1 Ground, size 100mm

x 1 Custom Bases, size 100mm

x 1 DnD 5e Character Sheet

Includes: Original File and Pre-Supported STLs, Plus Lychee Slicer Files.

Get yours now and start your next adventure!


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