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Saibh - Seamstress of Discord

Hey guys! We start this year with a cool new model - check out Saibh, Seamstress of Discord!

"From the sidelines of the battlefield, Saibh watches and waits with hair like tongues of flame and fierce horns that frame her bewitching visage. She has already consulted with the two generals in front of her privately, promising them treasures if they win glory in her name. They are ready to kill each other, despite starting on the same side. She smiles with a mouthful of vicious teeth, her third appendage twitching as if it can sense her anticipation. She will revel in the chaos of their destruction, and she never has to wait long."

Available here:

What you will get:

Scale: 32mm

x 1 Character

x 1 Ground

x 2 Custom Bases 50 mm

x 1 DnD 5e Stats Block

We really hope you will like hear :) Let Us know your thoughts !

Many Thanks for your SUPPORT !

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