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- Black Friday is here -

" When it’s time has come, the prey goes to the hunter "

Hi everyone !

At last, the second set of characters is out for preorder and just in time for Black Friday as well !


The Hunter The Hunter & Retinue The Retinue


They will be available to pre-order on with special bundles offers ! Make sure to check it out !

ALL Novac Dawn model preorders will come with an



Preorders will ship in the first quarter of 2022. Please note that if there is a preorder model in your order, ALL OTHER MODELS in your order will also ship in Quarter 1.

With a scale of 32mm the models are casted in robust, durable and reusable SiOres.

The Hero comes with a custom 40mm round base and an alternate custom 50mm diorama base.

The Retinue is made of 5 characters with custom 32mm round bases.

The Hunter & Retinue set gives all Hunter models at a special price!

Best thing about Black Friday is Discounts and we have a great one for YOU !


The Wolf, The Pack, The Hunter and The Retinue in one kit!

Save 25%!

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