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For The Tribe !

We are excited to announce that we have joined the subscription program form MyMiniFactory

This is something we always wanted but giving our small team we needed to prepare and make sure that we can deliver our vision with no compromise!

This is what you would get for the subscription :

One Bag of Bones as a Welcome ! (Watch out, they tend to make noise!)

One Proclamation of 35% off in the land's market !

One Digital Sculpture to use in your adventures ! 32mm & 75mm Scale

Reading the bones is never easy but with a bit of luck, faith will have something to say!

We really hope that you all will love what we have prepared for each month !

The July release is The Mountain "Matous" here is his story!

"Matous is said to come from a time of fables, a time of giants, who raided his village and ravaged his mother before being driven out and slaughtered by the mythical hero Drahomyr. Rather than look up to the hero, Matous wanted to find Drahomyr and kill him–placing blame on Drahomyr’s deeds as the reason that he felt like an outcast in his own village. Matous stands head-and-shoulders above most men and always stands at the front lines of any army to intimidate the opposition."

See you all next Month ! She will curse the bones !

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