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Lord of Undead

We are very excited to announce this character ! It has been a challenge to work on him and we are very proud of the result!

The challenge was to make sure that all the details and the pose are easily readable and show the power,the strength of Drahomyr.

"There was a time when the people sang songs of Drahomyr’s conquests and glory, but those songs have since faded into obscure memory, and the legends of what he once was were lost to the poets and the scribes. Even so, in death, his spirit remains. His love for battle and his desire for justice runs as deep as his marrow, and his bones are anything but brittle. He remains a titan on the battlefield. Drahomyr is proof that myths can outlive their heroes. "

We have prepared him in 3 versions and with 5 different heads to choose from.

You can finde him :

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