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Morag - The Crimson Bread

Our New character is here ! And she is Fearless !

Part of the Untamed world Morag comes to on a 50mm base and she is ready to slay any in hear path !

"Glowing orange cinders from the low-burning fire fly up towards the sky as numerous as stars. The party that was huddled around it is now sleeping, unsuspecting of anything amiss in the dense wilderness that surrounds them. In the darkness, the trees shiver. Their branches groan and sway, although it is not with the force of a natural breeze. A soft orange glow captures a human face and pulls it free from the surrounding night. A figure emerges, with flinty eyes like smoldering coals and dark, sharp horns that curve around a beautiful, feminine face. Morag treads the soft earth, heedless of roots and brambles and the scattered bones that snap under her feet like twigs. She is as terrifying as she is stunning, with twin battleaxes swinging from her hips. She is careful not to wake the sleeping party, only because it is more work for her if she does so. If they wake up and run, she will have to chase them down. If she lets them sleep, they can spend eternity caught in a pleasant dream while she smashes their skulls in one by one with the hilt of her axe. She follows the silent command, the mystical voice in her head that whispers to compel and control her actions, and she sets to work. "

She is ready in 32mm scale but also 75 mm and a bust version.

All available on our MyMiniFactory Store

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