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Paint Your First Mini

Well this is definitely different ! :) And we are very excited from the feedback!

"Paint Your First Mini" was an event made in collaboration with Guild Hall where anyone could come and learn to paint miniatures and learn from instructors how to properly prime and paint a miniature. How to give it life, how to bring it to their fantasy worlds.

Learning to control the colour, the light, the shading on miniatures seems easy but especially at the beginning it is very helpful to have someone to explain it all and guide you.

Everything was well prepared with all the colours that you could need and the tools to reach the smallest detail. Ready and set for a great painting experience to start. All supplied by Guild Hall.

We marched our Unit I,II,III to the 3D Printer and from there each corps in it's own bag to GuildHall.

Getting ready the models was a blast and full with anticipated enthusiasm to see the models painted. We head to make sure that the 3D prints are wear resistant so we have chosen the Anycubic ABS+, it felt like the best choice where the quality was where we wanted it in the final models and the flexibility was great for transport and adventures.

The feeling was extraordinary to see so many people having fun painting our models also giving us their feedback and the kindest words !

We Thank you all for participating and we hope to meet you all at the next event !

Looking forward to the next event we are going to plan out together with Guild Hall !

GuildHall is the local games / hobby / tabletop / miniature and more store here in Cluj Napoca. They are so well prepared and just an all in all a great experience being there.

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