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The first train prop is here! We wanted to integrate the Undead even more in your environment and so we made this tombstones ito honor them!

You can find them here on MyMiniFactory

"At the end of the valley, in the very heart of the Untamed Lands, underneath the scarce shade of a hundred shivering bare branches—lie nothing but crumbling tombstones as far as the eye can see. Some are in a better state of repair than others. Some are upright, still, with their inscriptions—while others lean heavily onto their sides, sinking into the mud, covered by weeds. Even the air through the graveyard feels a little colder, carrying the anxious whispers of the Undead. Some of the tombstones bear insignias and crests of noble houses, but if any of these were great men, they are no longer. Everyone is equal underneath the grass."

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