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Unit 4

This Unit of Undead bring together 3 powerful character that ar brougt togeter by faith and are more so in deadth where the corruption and the posion tok over and made the in to a killing squad.

Zikmund The Prist

"Like the smouldering aftermath of a forest fire, the ruinous priest comes in a cloud of stinging incense smoke on a trail of white temple ash. His holy robes hang in tatters around his battle-scarred bones and he treads in silence without the clank of heavy armor. The sound that follows him is the soft clacking of skulls and the clinking of chain, what was once fine jewellery now bent and tarnished beyond repair. He follows the path of the hero set before him by the gods, a spirit of dark remorse bound to wicked marrow."

Arisztid The Deffender

"The light that appears, hungry and red, behind the heroic banner frames it in a bloody light. The ruined skeleton that shambles behind it, weighed down by tattered leather and rusted armour, still stands as tall and proud as he did in life. With skeletal hands wrapped around the hilt of a flaming sword, Arisztid marches on–seeking more bodies to cut his way through. His purpose is to protect the banner-holder until their march comes to an end. Somewhere in his marrow, he knows that it never will. "

Frantisek The Sandard Holder

"Over the hills of the battlefield, the standard of Drahomyr flies high enough to pierce the clouds. The wind snaps its tattered tails, and its colours are, themselves, enough to strike fear into the guts of an opponent. With rotted hands, more bone than desiccated flesh and pale tendons, the standard-bearer wields the banner as any soldier would his sword. He carries it with predestined purpose, a calling so deeply embedded in his nature that even in death, it cannot be ignored. He will carry the banner until he falls, until his bones are scattered–for now, he marches on. "

You can find them all here:

STLs - MyMiniFactory - Link

STLs - Patreon - Link

Phisicle Products - Only-Games - Link

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