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Hi Eveyone !

We are verry happy to bring you all our new character. Zuzana - The Rotten Reaper of Dead Swamps.

"Thick grey mist settles over the graveyard and a graverobber, hunched over his work, has no reason to hurry. For a moment he thinks he hears a sound, but does not have time to wonder before a gnarled hand grasps him by the leg. Another hand, as monstrous as the first, wraps around his head. They lift him in the air and pull him apart as if he were made of clay. Zuzana surveys her handiwork, the animated limbs of her enchanted mantle come back obediently to her side. With her own engorged, grotesque hand she raises her scythe and prods the victim’s head, realizing it was not the one she was told to kill. Unhappily, Zuzana turns on a maggot-eaten foot and moves to see who else might be near. "

Available here:

What you will get: Scale: 32mm x 1 Character x 1 Ground x 2 Custom Bases 50 mm x 1 DnD 5e Stats Block x 1 Pathfinder 2e Stats Block

We really hope you will like hear :) Let Us know your thoughts !

Many Thanks for your SUPPORT !

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